About Us

To establish a new aesthetic of contemporary elegance in resort wear, defined by simplicity and sustainability, inspired by Mediterranean nature and the ancient Greek ideal.

Our Mission

We offer modern city dwellers and travelers high-quality apparel with timeless designs and liberating silhouettes. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices is reflected in our use of sustainable fabrics and dyes, respecting nature’s integrity. We prioritize business loyalty and logistic excellence with partners worldwide, ensuring seamless collaboration. Through a fusion of contemporary aesthetics and Greek heritage, we create sustainable fashion that pays tribute to the past while embracing the values of the present and future.

Our Values

Sustainability lies at the heart of our brand, as we deeply value and prioritize nature. Drawing inspiration from the captivating essence of Greece, encompassing its nature, civilization, and mythology, our creative process is enriched by elements such as geometric prints and ancient Greek patterns.

Embracing the beauty of simplicity, our designs embody effortless elegance and understated sophistication. With loose silhouettes as a defining feature, we celebrate comfort and ease in every look. In our dedication to inclusivity, we pay homage to a diverse range of shapes and fits.

From the Contemporary Fit to the Loose Fit, we honor and accommodate a broad spectrum of body types, fostering an environment that respects and celebrates individuality.To respect diversity, paying tribute to a broad spectrum of shapes and fits, from Contemporary Fit to Loose Fit.

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The Founders

Our Heritage

Haris Cotton, an esteemed apparel brand based in Athens, was established in 1975 and has continued to evolve while staying true to its core mission: encapsulating the essence of the Greek summer throughout the year.

Rooted in its birthplace by the tranquil sea and surrounded by the lush greenery of the Greek environment, Haris Cotton embodies a harmonious blend of nature and mythology. It is in this unique setting where earth and myth converge, inspiring the brand to create clothing that embodies the spirit and allure of its surroundings.

Our designs

Our designs are a true reflection of the captivating essence of Greek nature, embracing its beauty and tranquility. Crafted from natural fabrics, our airy styles exude an effortless elegance that resonates with the harmonious balance found in the Greek environment.

Proudly made in Greece, each and every one of our garments is meticulously designed and produced in-house in Athens. This allows us to maintain full control over the quality and craftsmanship of our creations, ensuring that every piece is infused with the essence of our brand and the cultural heritage that inspires us.

Our team

As passionate professionals, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional value to all of our customers and partners. Our unwavering commitment lies in providing the utmost level of efficiency and reliability in our services, which extends globally.

By consistently upholding the highest standards of excellence, we strive to foster strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers and partners alike.

Our Responsibility

We pride ourselves on producing collections made of natural fabrics and dyes. We design two seasonal collections per year, contributing against fast fashion and allowing ourselves to search for sustainable materials and eco-friendly ways to produce all our garments.

We are a proud bearer of ISO 9001: 2015. We commit to quality and are conscious of our environmental impact.