About Us

To establish a new aesthetic of contemporary elegance in resort wear, defined by simplicity and sustainability, inspired by Mediterranean nature and the ancient Greek ideal.

Our Mission

To offer the modern city dweller and traveler high-quality apparel, in timeless designs and shape-liberating silhouettes.

To provide our customers with high-end fashion styles using eco-friendly fabrics and dyes, in respect with nature.

To reassure business loyalty and logistic excellence towards our partners worldwide.

Our Values

Sustainability: Nature is at the very core of the brand, that’s why natural fabrics & dyes are always a priority.

Greece as an Inspiration: Greek nature, civilization, and mythology is a constant creative source, with elements like aquatic prints and ancient Greek patterns adorning each collection.

Simplicity: Effortless, understated designs and loose silhouettes define the look.

To respect diversity, paying tribute to a broad spectrum of shapes and fits, from Contemporary Fit to Loose Fit.

our vision
the designers

The Founders

Our Heritage

Haris Cotton is an independent apparel brand located in Athens, founded in 1975 by Alexandros Tsougkranis and his wife Charikleia. Since then, under the guidance of its successors, Kostas and Eva, the brand has evolved while maintaining its objective of capturing the essence of Greek summer all year. Haris Cotton is born by the sea, among the vegetation of the Greek environment, in a place where earth and myth collide.

Our designs

Inspired by Greek nature, defined by airy styles crafted from natural fabrics, and committed to sustainability, this is how our designs are made. All of our garments are made in Greece, designed and produced in-house in Athens.

Our team

We are passionate professionals, willing to provide extended value to all our customers and partners, ensuring the most efficient and reliable service is provided worldwide.

Our Responsibility

We pride ourselves on producing collections made of natural fabrics and dyes. We design two seasonal collections per year, contributing against fast fashion and allowing ourselves to search for sustainable materials and eco-friendly ways to produce all our garments.

We are a proud bearer of ISO 9001: 2015. We commit to quality and are conscious of our environmental impact.