Helios and Physis


Helios and Physis

The two ancient Gods of the Sun and Nature are the main source of inspiration for the designs of the Spring-Summer Collection 2022 curated by our Creative Directors Harikleia and Eva Tsougkrani.

2022 is an extraordinary year for us since, since it brings Harikleia back to the drawing board of the design team.
Harikleia and Eva’s Cretan roots are deeply manifested in their heritage which they used as inspiration throughout the collection. The Minoan snake Goddess of the palace of Knossos which is in Crete served as the main inspiration of the designs; the square neckline, the ruffles on her skirt, and her plaid apron encouraged new dimensions adding a new flavor to the designs and patterns.

The designers take us on a journey through time reflecting their heritage in the woven folk patterns. Embroidered panels decorate the outstanding pieces highlighting the ancient Greek history manifesting itself in them.

The color palette is perfectly intertwined with the Greek summer, the sea, the sunset, the flowers in the fields and the fruitful trees.
Sustainably sourced linen, cotton and viscose fabrics – summer’s best “companions” – play a leading role in the collection, stealing the show while giving comfort and coolness to every look.


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